The Wrong Approach to Grief

When grieving or being depressed, our mind would trick us so that we venture into the dangerous territories - into the "unhappy grounds". As soon as we wake up in the morning, our mind switches us into the "unhappy mode".  If we follow our mind, we are guaranteed to remain depressed. 

The trick is to say "NO" to your mind!  When your mind serves you another helping of self-pity and sorrow in the morning, try to visualize this warning sign on the right, and refuse to follow your mind. Choose the opposite direction - the one to happiness!

Resist at the first sign of being dragged into the "unhappy grounds". Switch to thinking about something entirely different. Resist wallowing in those sweet memories, avoid going to certain locations - physically or in your mind.

This is key! And if your mind succeeds in taking you down the wrong path, an inner alarm should sound to warn you - same as it does when you open an emergency door. The trick is to stop and switch the mode!