Grief be Gone - the right approach!

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  • Unconventional approach to grievingŸ.

  • Free of charge support available to you when you need it most. 

  • Our mission is to empower and energize those in need of support.

  • We strive to touch every person with our warmth and wisdom.

  • We can and will help you learn, grow and heal, in order for you to create a space that is more vibrant and more loving.

  • We do our best to emit a love of humanity - so deep and wide, so thorough and universal, that you would want to join us in our endeavor for happiness! The work we are engaged in is about inspiring and understanding, about generosity and love.

Grief be Gone's Mission:

  • to promote a healthy attitude towards grief as a time limited process of adjustment.
  • to facilitate in regaining control over your mind.
  • to provide an unconventional practical approach in dealing with grief and loss.
  • to connect with likely minded people to make the world a happier place.


Grief be Gone is not a medical website. We have no credentials to substitute a professional therapist who should be contacted if your condition is too overwhelming and you can't regain control over your life.

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